Thank You And Hello From Japan.

Thank You And Hello From Japan.


So first and foremost thank you to everyone who’s shown an interest in “fault”! We’re absolutely blown away at the amount of attention we’re receiving and it’s all thanks to Sekai Project and their amazing services that they’re providing. ALICE IN DISSONANCE has an English speaking staff on board (author = me, and I’m from the States) but we honestly weren’t expecting this kind of exposure. Not this soon anyway. We’re working hard behind the scenes to get milestone one out the door on Steam as soon as possible so stick around!

Also, there seems to have been some confusion about our game’s title and I thought why not clear that up now.

ALICE IN DISSONANCE in our circle (or group’s) name, PROJECT WRITTEN is the name of the project where fault lies within and “milestone one” basically just means episode one. We thought it might be fun to call each installment a “milestone” since the story is about Selphine and Ritona’s journey back home. Also just slapping on a number at the end or calling it an episode is just so… normal, we wanted to do something different.

Oh and the tile of “fault” and “milestone one” is all lowercase on purpose. This was intentional and is not a reflection of my illiteracy (you’ll probably find hints of that elsewhere).
Alright.. now that that’s done with here’s an English translation of the synopsis straight form the horses mouth:


The Story of fault.

fault follows the story of Princess Selphine of the kingdom Rughzenhaide and her Royal Guard Ritona. The two, fleeing from a devastating attack that destroyed Rughznahide Castle, accidentally teleport to a mysterious unknown forest surrounded by vegetation not native to the surroundings of Rughzenahdie. The atmosphere is thick and heavy and no sign of life can be found, which is unusual for such a lush forest. Sign of life isn’t the only thing missing though. Something is odd about this land… but Selphine and Ritona are too startled to notice the obvious.

Will the two make it back home safe? What will they find once they return? Follow Selphine and Ritona on their journey back home!


Be sure to visit Sekai Project and check out other amazing games they’re localizing as well!


  1. taedirk 5 years ago

    Any chance of an english fork of the blog then? I’d read it..

    • Author
      Munisix 4 years ago

      Hey taedirk! Thanks for the comment.

      I can’t promise anything at this point since doubling on all posts (English and Japanese) would be way too time consuming. Maybe when I get some downtime in the future I can part the website into 2 and build separate pages for both languages, but unfortunately as of right now I don’t have the time. What I can say though, is that news relevant to the English speaking community will be posted in English right here at just like this post.

      We’ll definitely make an official announcement if and when an English site gets conceived though so stay tuned!

  2. Skarlath 4 years ago

    We should be the ones thanking you as well!

    It’s a pleasant surprise to hear that such a doujin circle has a native english speaking member, and more surprising that you would acknowledge the fans outside of your original target audience (i’m assuming this was Japan). Hopefully other doujin circles will also follow your lead, and maybe in the future even companies would be more willing to explore outside of Japan!

    For now, I’ll be happy with the hard work both you and Sekai Project are putting in, and looking forward to future updates from you!

    • Author
      Munisix 4 years ago

      Good day to you, Skarlath.

      Thanks for your kind words! Just to keep things clear, ALICE IN DISSONANCE is as doujin as it could get in terms of size and man power (we’re actually a 2-bit operation). It just so happened to be founded by someone who speaks English natively and because so, coincidentally, over-sea communication isn’t much of a hurdle for us to overcome. If it weren’t for that fact we probably wouldn’t be addressing the foreign market as well (since there would be no way to do so correctly aside from hiring a translator). Basically what I’m trying to say is that other doujin circles and even more formal companies usually don’t have the means to expand outside of Japan and it’s really not their fault since their target demographic is strictly domestic. But it seems as though things are starting to change! For starters, the whole visual novel and text based adventure games are really gaining traction outside of Japan. Companies like Sekai Project are gaining amazing momentum. This is all thanks to the foreign market and fans!

      Stick around, stay tuned. We’ll be around for a while.

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