fault milestone one Kickstarter Update!

fault milestone one Kickstarter Update!

Good day everyone!

Alrighty, so it’s been a while since fault milestone one Directors Cut’s Kickstarter has ended so an official update has been long due. So what’s been taking so long you ask? Well we had to get an exact count on all the physical goods to figure out how much stuff we had to make since there were many additional orders from Backerkit. Now that all that’s over though, goods have been pouring in from the factories!

Both of the phones shown below are iPhone 6’s for size comparison.

Ritona Shikishi’s!
















(Please note these hand drawn shikishis are roughs and are not completed yet)

We’ll be shippin’ these bad boys off to Sekai Project as soon as we can so they’ll reach our backers by the end of the year. (We’re still waiting on one last thing)

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone involved that made all of this possible! We here at AiD have been slaving away working on milestone two for the past couple of months and we almost (almost being the keyword) forgot what a huge deal the Kickstarter was for us. These physical goods were a good reminder that there are people out there that are interested in the work we do, and as creators, there isn’t much more we can ask for. Imagine a life where you get to tell stories or draw for a living. Kickstarter has given us a chance to do so and we promise we’ll do everything in our power to not let you down.

We’d also like to give a big thanks to Sekai Project for the support they’ve given us throughout this crazy journey. If it weren’t for them, we would have never had this opportunity to focus on ALICE IN DISSONANCE full time. I (Munisix) would have still been freelancing video work and our in house artist would have been… well… still be a student I guess. But the possibilities are high that she would have ended up working in a cubicle somewhere because Japan is one of those places that don’t tend to view “drawing” as a valuable skill set in the “work force”. Not that working in a cubicle is a bad thing mind you, but for someone who’s always dreamed of making a living by drawing, the prospect of being able to do so is one of those rare opportunities that she wasn’t willing to pass up on. Go self employment! And if we fuck up, unemployment! Go life time of destitute! =D

In all seriousness though we don’t know how to thank Sekai Project enough and we mean that quite literally because they’ve refused to take any portion of our Kickstarter funds, even when we insisted to pay them for their labor. And unless they’ve been selling our game on the side without us knowing, SP has made exactly $0.00 by helping us out. If anything they’re at a loss considering the amount of time they spent aiding our Kickstarter campaign, dealing with Steams backend, merging localization and etc, etc… Their initial pitch to us was to “help Japanese doujin circles get exposed in the West while still keeping the developer empowered” and they sure as hell haven’t deviated from that philosophy. It seems like some people are harboring ill feelings about Sekai Project I can see how that’s possible. After all, there is no end to skepticism and the internet is filled with invisible enemies. While we can only speak from our experience, I find it hard to believe that they’d treat any other circle or company with any less respect.

As a gesture of gratitude, Hare Konatsu has drawn two shikishi’s for the members in SP that’s been handling AiD’s account!



Backers of our $800 tier will receive something similar to this! Though the photos don’t really do it justice. Copic colors are notoriously known for being hard to photograph.

Once again, we thank you for your time. We hope you enjoy fault milestone one and wish to bring milestone two to the West as soon as possible as well!



  1. Benjamin Chen 4 years ago

    Amami Haruka (Idolm@ster) x Selphine and Aragaki Ayase (Oreimo) x Ritona color shikishis? That’s pretty kawaii. Now I wish I had backed at the 800 USD tier…

  2. Isamu Daison 4 years ago

    What system is this coming out on? Is there a PSVITA version in the near future? Thx

    • Author
      Munisix 4 years ago

      Hi Isamu!

      fault milestone one will be distributed through Steam and will be playable on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows OSes. There is a Vita port in the works but the release will not be anytime near in the future. Sekai Project will be handling the port so you can check out their twitter feed or website for up to date news, or you can follow our ALICE IN DISSONANCE twitter account as well.

      You can also just come visit out site every once in a while too! We’ll continuously blog in English if the situation calls for it and something like a Vita Port will definitely fit under that category.

  3. Chris Martarano 4 years ago

    That Ayase is amazing! Looking forward to all the stuff coming in the future from you guys 😀

    • Author
      Munisix 4 years ago

      Thanks! We’re working hard!

  4. Mintzone 4 years ago

    I really can’t wait for fault to be finished! The demo really got me interested. I have the beta, so I’ll be looking forward to trying it out a bit earlier than some people.

    If you guys have another project on kickstarter I’ll have to pledge high enough to get an awesome hand-drawn shikishi!

    • Author
      Munisix 4 years ago

      We can’t wait for its release as well! I’m not sure if we’re going to be doing another Kickstarter anytime soon but if we decide to, we promise to make a lot of noise!

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