fault milestone one and Anime Expo 2014

fault milestone one and Anime Expo 2014

Breaking news! Sekai Project will be selling a limited quantity of “fault milestone one” at Anime Expo 2014! They will be at booth 1530.


Now I know what you’re thinking. Who buys physical form of data anymore right? I mean what are we expecting you to do? Ride on home in your carriage and slot this bad boy in your DVD drive like some sort of manga-meat wielding savage? Well, kind of. If you can read Japanese you certainly might want to give it a thought. You see, these copies that we’re handing over to Sekai Project are the ones that we, ALICE IN DISSONANCE have been selling right here in Japan at Comikets and Comitia’s for the past year. These copies are the Japanese, *original version of “fault milestone one”. So no, you can’t play this version in English, BUT! You will receive a Steam Key with your purchase that will allow you to download “fault milestone one” (for free) as soon as it becomes available on Steam. Plus as an Anime Expo 2014 exclusive you’ll receive a Shikishi drawn and signed by ALICE IN DISSONANCE’s in-house artist, Hare Konatsu.


Mind you, we’re never planning on making this Shikishi again. Like, ever. So if you’re a collector of physical goods and are interested in the fault series, don’t miss your chance to nab a copy at Anime Expo 2014.

Another neat aspect about this copy of the game is that unless you fly over to Japan (or uh… Kayak over in a boat, Google Maps Style) there’s really no way of getting a hold of it because we’re not planning on a physical release of “fault” anywhere else outside of Japan.

Be sure to check out Sekai Project for more exciting news about Anime Expo 2014!

*We’re planning on a major art update to “fault milestone one” for Steam, meaning a lot of the data on these physical copies will be unique to the time they were printed. For instance, you will never see Selphine and Ritona’s tachie that are in this version of the game from this point on because they are being completely redone. All digital downloads will be switched over to the Steam version as well.


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