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What is the fault series?


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fault milestone two 上

fault milestone two 上、PV公開中!




読者の声 - fault Series Reviews

  • “...ALICE IN DISSONANCE shows that they're serious in really pushing the bar on what the Visual Novel medium can pull off ... ”
    PandaMoniSteam Customer
  • "The Pinnacle of Visual Novels. Even more then that, it's one of the finest works of fiction I have ever experienced in any medium."
    jac1002Steam Customer
  • "Calling it. This is going to be the Citizen Kane of VNs. Musics, Sound-effects, Illustration and story, all top notch. And the story, man. It just... Rips your heart like acid-laced chainsaw. It REALLY HITS YOU HARD. That is a warning."
    lumpensolkerSteam Customer
  • "With this installment Fault Milestone becomes arguably the best Visual Novel series on Steam. Not only that but Alice in Dissonance could even be compared to the VN kings Nitro+ in terms of overall quality. "
    Quibber123Steam Customer